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Supporting early detection and intervention for high-risk urban minority populations during COVID-19

Real-time Prescription Drug Monitoring


MediSCRIPT is a real-time, controlled prescription medication order and fulfillment monitoring system from MediSite, Inc.





Peer-to-Peer Information

Filled or Denied.

MediSCRIPT℠ provides a unique “peer-to-peer” information service to pharmacists about the “Filled” or “Deniedcontrolled prescription drug retail transaction outcomes.

Prescription Drug Retailer Benefits

Support immediate identification of questionable controlled prescription drug purchase attempts.

Help the pharmacy with improved confirmation of “no duplicate” prescription drug trafficking.

Support every professional pharmacists’ stewardship to perform their role independent of the medical prescriber.

Compliant Insurance Company Benefits

Improve oversight and “pro-active” involvement by insurance companies and other healthcare financial providers in their stewardship of unauthorized prescription drug purchases

Data-Sharing Program

Real-Time Reporting.

MediSCRIPT℠ is a data-sharing program designed specifically for the pharmacy merchant and their professional staff… regardless of their corporate or network affiliation. As a merchant neutral service, MediSCRIPT℠ is dedicated to providing expanded intelligence about the customer/patient and their controlled prescription drug purchase history – including “Denials” – from all participating pharmacies no matter their affiliation.


Opioid Addiction Increase
“Red Zone County” Initiative

From STOP!

There’s now an expanding battle against addiction. MediSCRIPT℠ Quintile Analysis defines the Red Zone as a high potential risk area per calculated total number of opioid Rx potential from the annual CDC report. MediSCRIPT℠ provides prevention and support for domestic law enforcement while also providing analytics support returned to the Red Zone County Department of Health for prescription drug addiction intervention initiatives.

Free One Year
Community pharmacies in approved “Red Zone County” of problem states. No Charge installation and activation of the MediSCRIPT℠ service for one year.
  • Improved and expanded real-time understanding of “Filled” or “Denied” controlled Rx purchase attempts
  • Confidential peer-to-peer information sharing to improve joint mitigation
  • Agnostic network of pharmacies in the “community”… no matter the scale
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Free One Year
Public Health Officials in approved “Red Zone County” of problem states. No Charge installation and activation of the MediSCRIPT℠ service for one year.
  • Real-time data of C2-C5 Rx sales attempts (Both “Filled” & “Denied”)
  • Overwatch “Hot Spot” areas (existing & new)
  • Predictive “Hot Spot” market identification
  • Support of existing / new intervention initiatives by Department of Health officials
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Frequently Asked

How does the one year service work?

MediSCRIPT℠ offers a one year, NO CHARGE service to ALL community pharmacies in one “Red Zone County” in each of the 25 “Red Zone States”

What is the timeline for MediSCRIPT℠?

In 30 – 60 days, there will be improved prevention and support from domestic law enforcement.

After 12 months, analytics support will be returned to the County Department of Health for prescription drug addiction intervention initiatives.

How will I pay for my subscription?

Payment varies by situation. MediSCRIPT℠ is working with major pharmaceutical organizations to build a financial model to subsidize worthy venues. Please check back for more information when available.


Mitigate Vulnerability & Improve Credibility for Pharmacists. Aiding to fulfill the Oath of all Pharmacists.

Health Officials
Health Officials

Data analytics support reinvested into “Red Zone County” Health Department for prescription drug addiction intervention initiatives

Liability Insurers
Liability Insurers

Advanced analytic services for Liability Insurance Underwriters. Due diligence of controlled Rx distribution.


Community mitigation initiative(s) in the hottest Rx addiction spots. Tangible accounting of voluntary or punitive financial restitution

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