If you research the term and its association for “places” the underlying definition has a dangerous or unsafe connotation.

Mission Goals

“Duty to Recognize Potential Drug Abuse”

RedZone Opioid Addiction Surveillance System

We believe that pharmacies can band together to be a more effective safeguard to controlled prescription drug addiction within their community.

We believe that today’s transaction technologies can effectively provide alerts in encrypted and confidential methods that also advances collaborative information-sharing about attempted, unauthorized controlled Rx purchases.

And in this process… our RedZONE initiative can help the community pharmacist with reducing the potential of unauthorized access to prescription drugs and improve their professional intervention efforts.

Prescription Drug Transaction Monitor

"RedZone Initiative"

In 2019, MediSite identified several states in America in need of support in the area of controlled prescription drug abuse.   And this predates the devasting impact from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We defined these “Red Zone” States by their counties with the greatest need for improved controlled prescription drug mitigation AND intervention.

In 2021, a purposeful MediSCRIPTSM “Red Zone Initiative” will be introduced with these states foremost in mind. The “Red Zone Initiative” is designed to support pharmacies, health professionals, and community service providers in their frontline intervention efforts to help individuals who may have fallen victim to prescription drug addiction.

MediSCRIPT is a controlled prescription drug medication monitoring system
Our Parent Company

MediSite, Inc.

MediSite, Inc. is a health analytics platform based in Michigan.

In 2014, the MediSCRIPTSM service was formed to support community pharmacies and their professional staff with data analytic services designed to improve real-time decision making relative to the potential of unauthorized, controlled prescription drug distribution and for improved visibility of prescription drug conflict warning.