Real-time transaction monitor

Professional Peer-to-Peer Information Sharing

The power of MediSCRIPT℠ real-time transaction monitor is contributed to by actively engaged professional pharmacists. Their information about their decisions to fill or deny a customer order for controlled prescription drugs is beneficial to all adjacent professional peers.

One-to-one partnership

MediSCRIPT℠ Service Key Features

  • MediSCRIPT℠ integrates scan technology to help reduce time to patient information entry and improves uniformity for quicker record matching
  • Medical providers who are DEA licensed are accessed via Federal and State databases for accurate associations with the customer/patient and the controlled prescription drug issuing history
  • MediSCRIPT℠ subscribes to “neutral data” dissemination where NO retail merchant information is recognized in customer medication purchase histories
  • Only licensed pharmacists are registered users (pharmacy technicians are ineligible)
  • Requires training and certification testing before user credentials assigned
  • Data is never stored at the retail pharmacy location
"Neutral Data"

MediSCRIPT℠ Information Sharing

  • “Neutral Data” dissemination where NO retail merchant information is recognized in customer medication purchase history
  • “Peer-to-Peer” professional pharmacist information exchange of “Filled” and “Denied” prescription drug transaction outcome
  • A quick visual reference of historic trends summarized in “Red/Yellow/Green” light indicators
  • Real-Time Transaction Processing and Updates
  • Future Integration Across All POS Systems and Platforms
  • Developed to the requirements of HIPAA, HITECH and DEA regulations
  • Will meet or exceed NCPDP™ (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs) certification
  • Will exceed Surescripts® requirements for certified medical software vendors (U.S.)
Security and Confidentiality

MediSCRIPT℠ Data Security and Merchant Confidentiality

The parent company, MediSite Inc. has its technical lineage from the credit card processing sector, and thus, data security is “a priori” from company executives to its customers. From its inception, MediSCRIPTSM is designed around the maintenance of and integrity in data security…


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